• In 2022, AMD 83.1 billion or 4% of the budget expenditures was allocated to the development of the RA road network (excluding the spendings on road construction in communities within the framework of capital subsidies given to communities),
  • In 2022, the actual expenditures of the road construction increased by 37.4% or AMD 22.7 billion compared to the previous year.
  • In 2022, the performance of the road construction was 73.4% compared to the initial plan, 7 out of 29 planned measures were not implemented at all and 5 were not fully implemented. The financial performance was mainly due to the difference between forecasted and actual exchange rates.
  • Within the framework of the above-mentioned program, in 2022, about 461 km of road construction and repair was carried out, instead of initially planned 496 km.


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